Dedicated to Leopold Auer-most successful and famous violin teacher of the world

Thomas Chun-yu Chen


Maestro Thomas Chun-yu Chen is an internationally renowned conductor, violinist, composer, and stringed instrument maker and designer. As orchestra conductor, violinist, chamber music performer, and composer, Chen has performed and collaborated with top performers in the world, including Sara Sant' Ambrogio, Andrey Ponochevny, Alexander Gilman, Lech Antonio Uszynski, Alla Aranovskaya the St. Petersburg String Quartet, the Eroica Trio, Bazzini string quartet and more. Maestro Chen has been artistic director in several music festivals, including the 2010-2012 Eureka Springs CICA summer music festival in Eureka Springs Arkansas, the 2013-2014 Dallas CICA international summer music festival in Dallas, Zhuhai chamber music festival in China, Guangzhou PIYO summer and winter music festival 2017-2021. Maestro Chen has served as music director for several symphony orchestras, and he is one of jury members of Leopold Auer international competition in St. Petersburg Russia, and as faculty, orchestra conductor and international competition jury member for the Cremona international academy and competition in Italy. Maestro Chen has concluded many successful seasons of Music Festival events and concerts in many countries. He is currently funder of PIYO international music academy and artists managements, training and promoting young artists. Chen has a great passion for educating young children by providing and creating successful and inspirational. He is a violin pedagogue who has conducted research projects and various teaching methods. ​ As well as performer/ educator, Chen is also a world renowned, decorated violin-maker and stringed instrument designer, Chen has received First Prize in String Quartet making and many awards in Violin and Viola makings from the VMAAI International Violin-making Competition. Maestro Chen, who has led research on violin making methodology for decades, is known for his development of a unique "crystallized" violin varnishing methodology that achieves extraordinary clarity, and tone. Maestro Chen served as violin making competition judge for the "Eureka Springs Violin Makers Conference" held in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and the "Dallas International Antonio Stradivari Violin Makers Conference" held in Dallas, Texas which featured over 200 string instrument exhibitions. Chen's organization has collaborated with many violin makers in Cremona Italy.