Dedicated to Leopold Auer-most successful and famous violin teacher of the world

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 International  Violin and String Quartet Competition

October 1-9, 2022


Solo violinists, string quartets:

Junior group - up to 17 years old (inclusive)
Senior group - from 17 to 35 years old
as an exception, the age qualification may be amended )
Quartet group - NO AGE LIMIT


- Development of Russian and world violin art in general
- Popularization of the Russian violin school founded by Leopold  Auer in 1868;
- Identification and support of the most talented children and young  performers;
- Formation and education of artistic taste; familiarizing  children, adolescents and youth with the best
  cultural traditions.


1. International Competition for Violinists, String Quartets,  International Competition for Violin and Bow Artists named after Leopold  Auer.
2. Master classes for all interested musicians and teachers of educational  institutions.
3. Gala concert of the laureates of the competition.
4. Concerts of the world's leading musicians.
5. Round table. Meetings with jury members, leading experts in the
field of music.


Organizing Committee
The organizing committee includes the Director, Artistic Director and  Technical Director of the Competition.
The Organizing Committee approves the Regulations and the plan of  
the Competition, carries out direct preparation and

holding the Competition, decides organizational and financial issues.

Director of the Competition - Aleksandrova Tatyana Anatolyevna

Artistic Director of the Competition and President of the Association  Leopold Auer -
Aranovskaya Alla Lvovna


The jury consists of leading musicians and teachers of musical educational  institutions in Russia and other countries of the world.
The jury evaluates the performances, taking into account the artistic value and  degree of complexity of the performed program, artistry and quality of the  performance, and determines the winners of the competition.
The jury has the right to award NOT all titles, awards and prizes, as well as to  divide them between the participants of the competition at its discretion.


1. Age categories and nominations:

Junior-solo: up to 17 years old (inclusive).
Senior-solo: from 17 to 35 years old.
Senior-quartet: no age limit.
* In some cases, the age limit can be changed.
2. Competition Rules:
All auditions are held in public.
In the Senior-quartet and Junior-solo nominations, the Competition consists of two rounds.
In the Senior-solo category, the Contest is held in three rounds.
No more than 12 participants in each
category are allowed to participate in the second round No more than 6 participants are allowed to participate in the third round.
After each round, Participants can ask questions to the Jury.

3. Concertmasters.

A participant can perform with his or her accompanist.
If necessary, the organizers of the Competition are ready to provide theparticipant with an accompanist.
Payment for the competition accompanists 3000  rub.  per hour is   made only through the box office of the Competition.

Artistic Council of the Competition organizes:
1. Opening concert with the participation of the laureates of previous years.
2. Gala concert.
3. Master classes with jury members. 3000  rubles  per hour)


1st prize - 200,000 rubles
2nd prize - 150,000 rubles
3rd prize - 100,000 rubles


1st prize - 120,000 rubles
2nd prize - 100,000 rubles
3rd prize - 80,000 rubles


1st prize - 200,000 rubles
2nd prize - 150,000 rubles
3rd prize - 100,000 rubles
Special prizes from sponsors and partners.
All participants of the Competition are issued a Certificate of the Participant of the Competition (upon  request).


1. The age of participants is determined on Oct.1,2022
2. Changes in the program may be claimed not later than Sept.23,2022
3. The sequence in which the works is set by the  participants.
4. The Organizing Committee does not pay the cost of trans e riding,  accommodation for participants,

those who came to the Competition from other  cities or from abroad.
5. The organizers are not responsible for the safety of the musical  instruments, property and inventory of the contestants.
6. Copyright:
• By registering, the participant declares that no third party  recognizes any copyright and / or other legal rights in the  materials created in the course of the Contest.
• All rights to the distribution of audio-video materials contest,  including for commercial purposes belong to the Association of  Leopold Auer
• In addition, at no cost and for an unlimited period  of time, the participant transfers rights to the Competition organizers broadcasting and distribution of the materials of the Competition.
• The Organizing Committee of the Competition has the right to broadcast the auditions of the  Competition and the final Gala Concert on radio, television and on the  Internet without additional fees to the participants.

• Audio and video filming during competitive auditions is  prohibited.
• Each participant of the Competition can purchase video and photo  materials of their performances from the organizers of the Competition.
7. Distribution and sale of advertising, printed and other products is  carried out only with the written permission of the Directorate of the Competition.
8. All laureates of the Competition are obliged to take part in the final Gala - concert free of charge. If the participant refuses to take  part in the final Gala concert, he may be deprived of the prize.
9. The laureates of the Competition must be ready to take part in other  concerts organized and financed by the Organizing Committee. Of the Competition within 12 months after the completion of the Competition.
10. By decision of the Organizing Committee, a CD of one or several laureates of the Competition may be recorded.
11. In case of disagreement in the interpretation of the conditions of the Competition, the  Russian text is considered the only correct one.


1. Application form of the participant with a photo.
The application form is filled out on the website of the competition:

When filling out the competition program,
it is obligatory to indicate the time of the program of the performance!
An electronic photograph must be at least 600x800 pixels.
2. Registration fee.
The contribution is paid by bank transfer no later than June 30, 2022.
For questions about paying the entrance fee, please contact:

Bank details for transferring the contribution:

MIR: 2202 2004 6056 9633

VISA: 4006 8000 2134 3347

surname must be indicated in the payment order or receipt 

the participant or the name of the team for which the  fee is paid!

3. Amounts of registration fees:

SOLO - 100 US dollars or the equivalent in rubles, at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the  day of payment.
QUARTET - 200 US dollars or the equivalent in rubles, at the exchange rate of the Central

Bank of the Russian Federation on the  day of payment.


The paid fee is non-refundable and non-changeable.
Participants' performances in each nomination are paid separately.
All documents must be received by the Organizing Committee in
electronic form no later than JUNE 30.2022
Organizing Committee 
reserves the right not to consider applications received after this  date.

If the candidate refuses to participate in the Competition, the documents and the  entry fee will not be returned.
The participant independently obtains a Russian entry visa on the basis of an  invitation issued by the Organizing
Committee of the Competition.

When entering the territory of the Russian Federation, the competitor must  enter information about the imported instruments in the customs declaration.
After receiving the Application Form and paying the registration fee, the  Directorate sends the participant an invitation
to the Competition.


When registering, you must submit:
• a birth certificate or passport (original)
• a call for participation in the Competition
• receipt of payment of entry fee
• if the contestant performs some work that is not a  standard repertoire, and little-known contemporary work,  (s) he should (a) provide one copy of the sheet music of that work.


Within the framework of the Competition, master classes by leading teachers and musicians of the world will be held  .
The cost of one master class is  3000  rubles per hour


Contest Directorate:
Aleksandrova Tatiana Anatolyevna
WhatsApp +7 921-301-8870
Consulting on general issues:
Aranovskaya Alla Lvovna
WhatsApp + 1440-574-9164